Rengocar B.V. sells parts from:

  • Spijkstaal
  • Gova
  • Rengocar optima

Maintenance, repairs and damage repair services

Rengocar also takes care of all maintenance, repairs and damage repair services. Repairs are carried out in our own work yard or on site at the customer’s premises. Due to the recent stricter rules with regard to cooling, many rear wall coolers are currently being provided with HR++ insulating glass. Rengocar is of course able to supply almost all necessary parts to keep the Spijkstaals, Govas or Rengocars up to date on the road. Vehicles taken off the road for damage repair are replaced by Rengocar.

Vehicle lettering and graphics

Belettering Rengocar Rondo




Rengocar can also take care of your vehicle lettering and graphics.