Rengocar Rondo

Rengocar Rondo

The promotion and sales trailer

The Rengocar Rondo 225 is literally the centerpiece of choice when you are looking for a mobile solution for your promotional and sales activities. This eye-catching format can be arranged according to your wishes and act as a merchandiser for beverages, ice cream, fresh products such as pasta, pizza or spring rolls, as well as information desk at trade shows or events.

The spacious interior is equipped with a semi-circular desk, a ring light to the ceiling, a 230 volt fuse box and three outlets. At the front, the Rondo Rengocar two large hatches fitted with gas springs. The large entrance door is equipped with a solid double closure.

Rengocar Rondo

Optionally, the Rondo can be equipped with hot and cold running water, a table outside on the pole, 3 small shelves, a 400V 16A socket, a stainless steel bucket for example, a fryer, a framework for a grill, a pasta machine and a pizza oven. The Rengocar Rondo is not only a functional mobile workplace but also a giant billboard. You can decorate the Rondo with stickers. Both on location and on the road over there, the shape and the size of the Rengocar Rondo attract a lot of attention. The Rondo can be with or without registration delivered.Rengocar Rondo

Details Rengocar Rondo

• Molded polyester molded part with reinforcements, about 14 mm. thick
• Soil plywood sandwich, inside with polyester mat
• Sales Valve on two sides (122 cm wide) with gas struts and fasteners
• Entrance door with double lock
• Fuse box 230V, 1x ring lighting on ceiling and three wall sockets
• When the valves a semicircular desk with above a storage shelf

Rengocar Rondo technische gegevens

Specifications Rengocar Rondo

• Galvanized chassis, Alko single axle
•4 swivel-out outriggers, a nosewheel
• 155 R 13 C tires, fully optioned with wheel caps
• 13-pin connector
• Legal exterior backlight, quick detachable
• Ball Pressure: 75 kg.
• Max. speed: 90 km / h

Rengocar Rondo

Rengocar Rondo: An eyecatcher at its best!